Gdynia/ Amsterdam
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Sandberg Institute - MA Studio for Immediate Spaces, 2015, Amsterdam (NL)
University of Applied Art and Science, BA Interior Architecture, 2011 Lugano (CH)
Edinburgh College of Art, BA Hons, 2009, Edinburgh (UK)


2021 PAB Powrót, group show, Jagielly 11, Sopot (PL)
2021 On Beauty and Deconstruction, group show, Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)
2021 On the way to the capital, performance on the road, various villages in Poland (PL)
2021 Grand Fishing Rod of Luck, installation/performance, Siatka, Gdynia Design Days (PL)
2020 Christmas Market, performance and sales, Hale Targowe Gdynia (PL)
2020 Z początku światów, solo show, Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)
2020 Little Nostrum, group show, Het Resort, Groningen (NL)
2019 Paintings en ceramik- solo show on a table, Museum Night, Gdynia (PL)

 2019 Beati Bjuti - ongoing project/installation, Gdynia (PL)

 2017 “Extravaganza Retrospektiv”- solo show, De Apotheek, Antwerp (BE)

2017 “The dogs bark, the caravan goes on”, group show,Antwerp (BE)

2017 group show, Studio37, 37PK, Utrecht (NL)
2017 “Cows and Pigs were wandering around”,Paintings Charalampi, Athens (GR)
2017 “Devoided of Proteins”, group show, Paintings Chalarampi, Athens (GR)
2017 "My paintings vol. 3", B32 Artspace, Marres, Maastricht (NL)
2017 "My Paintings vol.2", FLAM, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)

 2017 "My Paintings vol.1", FLAM, Intersections, Art Rotterdam (NL)

 2016 “PAB on the Island”, Paintings Charalampi, Athens (GR)

 2016 "Watermelon Paradise", Social Textile Studio, Musuem Night, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 “PAB Pink A Beauty”, Polish Art Benelux, FWD Gallery, Poznan (PL)

2016 “Ferst Solo”, Assembly Hall, WOW, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 “Una Mostra Fatta Con Culo”, Casa Ciao, Lugano (CH)

 2015 BLONDEGARDIN, Gütermann Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

2015 BNI, Eindhoven (NL)
2015 One Day Residency Group Show, Pink House, Antwerp (B)

2015 Something More Permanent than Snow, Amsterdam (NL)


2020 Z początku światów - exhibition opening performance, Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)
2020 Pakhuisje rap song- Little Nostrum opening performance, Her Resort, Groningen (NL)
2020 January - series of performances (meetings) during residency, Het Resort, Groningen and surroundings (NL)
2019 interviewing Halo Kultura residents whilst giving them a massage at Beati Bjuti beauty parlour, Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)
2019 Beati Bjuti - Beauty Salon- Open Days- Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)

 2019 Maj Pejntings, Halo Kultura, Museum Night, Gdynia (PL)

 2019 Beati Bjuti - Beauty Salon- Open Days - Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)

 2019 Beati Bjuti - launching of Beauty Salon— Wielkie Halo 1, Halo Kultura, Gdynia (PL)
2018 On the Way to Motherhood, Not So Far, Antwerp (BE)
2018 Beati Jolanda Niesyta exploring Europe episode 1, Lyon (FR)

 2018 Sales Assistant at Wellness Centre “Future Proof”, Poppositions, Brussels (BE)
2018 Beati on a Pacific Island, Tilapita Island (GT)

 2017 as Radek Morszczuk at “Extravaganza Retrospektiv”, De Apoteek, Antwerp (BE)
2017 as Bacchant, Bacchants Inc, De School, Amsterdam (NL)

 2017 Beati at a Dinner with Pascal, invitation by Samen School, Antwerp (BE)

 2017 as Radek Morszczuk, “The dogs bark, the caravan goes on”, Antwerp (BE)

 2017 Interview and rap session at Radio Centraal, Antwerp (BE)

 2017 as Beati Jolanda Niesyta,“Maj Pejntings”, Flam, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (NL)
2017 as Beati Jolanda Niesyta, “Toilet lady”, B32 Art Space, Marres, Maastricht (NL)

 2017 Devoided of Proteins, Paintings Chalarampi, Athens (GR)

 2017 "My Paintings", FLAM, Intersections,Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

 2016 Radek Morszczuk at Rijksakademie Radio, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 PAB, Escala, Athens (GR)

 2016 PAB on the Island, Charalampi Sotirou, Athens (GR)

 2016 Radek Morszczuk at "Watermelon Paradise”, Social Textile Studio, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 PAB Pink A Beauty, Polish Art Benelux, FWD Gallery, Poznan (PL)

 2016 Grand Opening of La Venus Del Espejo, with T.Delezios, Fabrique Artistique, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 Ferst Solo, Assembly Hall, WOW, Amsterdam (NL)

 2016 Belgium Performance Festival II, Pink House, Antwerp (BE)

 2016 Una Mostra Fatta Con Culo, Casa Ciao, Lugano (CH)

residencies/ commissions/ projects

2020 Het Resort, Residency, Groningen (NL)
2019- running workshops exploring Gdynia's city market in the light of neoliberal city development, Gdynia (PL)
2018- ongoing collaboration with “Miejsce Tworzenia jest tam gdzie Mieszkasz” foundation- social project- running workshops and art projects involving local communities, Gdynia (PL)
2019 - illustrations “Gestures of Care” publication, Amsterdam (NL)

2018 - illustrations “Camar, the Cat”, children’s book, Basel (CH)

 2016- ongoing- video projects with Paul Bayoud

 2015 One day residency, Pink House, Antwerp (BE)
2014-ongoing- Amsterdam Space and Sound Club- organising workshops and camps from the border of visual arts, architecture and music for children


2020 Kunst Spot, Dit maakten 3 kunstenaars tijdens hun residentie in een voormalige gay sauna, Dinnis van Dijken (NL)
2020 Mister Motley “Hoe meer stenen, hoe hoger de top op bezoek bij Het Resort” 03.03.2020 (NL)
2016 Der Grief, Apr 28, 2016 - Bernardus Baldus (DE)
2016 Mister Motley “Something more permanent than snow” 18.06.2015, Hanne Hagenaars(NL)

 2015 Intern #3 Magazine, (NL)



 2014 Masterclass Interior Design: Guide to the World's Leading Graduate Schools, Frame (NL) 2011 Archi Magazine (CH)