Little Nostrum

Balancing between humour and seriousness, the project explores the untold history of a recently closed Groningen gay Sauna. It aims at presenting stories, hidden from the public eye, both from “inside and outside”. Beati and Radek interview people who could somehow relate to the sauna. Starting from talking to people living in its vicinity to finally meeting former sauna users and its staff, both characters, engage in conversations, not only about the sauna history itself, but also about local family life, gay community, love and sex. The interviews on “sauna” led by Beati and Radek become a starting point to a conversation, questioning Dutch tolerance and openness as well as the meaning of queer.

Interview Time and Pakhuisje Rap song

In the video above you can follow Beati's and Radek's encounters with former sauna users as well as employees and discover some spicy details from their love lives. Watch the video below to see Radek's take on the topic.

Tiles' performance

At the finissage of the exhibition, together with expo visitors we went to the local Albert Hejn (the biggest food store chain in NL) to decorate their entrance with a tile I made depicting some of the sauna intimate stories. We were kicked out by A.H. employees so we moved to in front of a church and glued the tile next to its main door.