From the world's beginnings

Art show at a meat market in Gdynia, Poland
Paintings/ ceramics/ me (Beati)

Why do I love ROD? -Rodzinne Ogrodki Dzialkowe- allotments
Why do I love Hala? -Market Place
I move in between these two points feeling like in a reserve
me- Beati- an eastern european hippie with a blue make-up
Love save us. A massage of peace
Unconditional love.
Contractual civilization.
A dilapidated banner.
Hand written sign.
A few cheap wild flowers and a tiny altanka (allotment shed).
And there... in that garden
in my garden that is
I feel connected
there is a very good point
very well connected to stars
but it can't be in a nice, wooden house,
Because my shed is a cathedral
Hala is my temple

Let them step out, unformilize the formal

deconstruct, dilapidate the pristine
unproper the high street logos
reveal superficiality
let me be human
a tiny human
a funny human
just human
dissolve concrete
imitate the civilized ridiculize it

using the powerful connection with the universe at my garden plot
I paint plants, bucolic scenes
I make clay vases and pots
coming from pre
naive- preeducated
"From the world's beginnings"
and you can buy it at the meat market

world beginnings

A tiny documentry about my summer.


At the opening of the exhibition, I give a speech. I am happy to finally be able to finally exhibit my art in the city where I was forced to quit my art education to become a hairdresser.

Shades of the West/ Chemia z Niemiec